New Year has arrived finally! Let us welcome it gracefully. As a parent what you did for your kid last year? Most probably you must have put in the best school of the city or sent him to glorious educational system. How this thing did bring a change in kid’s life? So do school is just enough to prepare your child for a better future? The answer is undoubtedly no. Cause the reason is if anyone wants to be successful in his life, he subtly needs a direction and work hard in that manner right? I mean you cannot win a race by running at your maximum speed on a wrong track. So to keep things simple and working one should know a proper direction rather than working hard in a wrong one. The basic thing under consideration should be our old education system. Because you get your foundation from schools, you discover who you are, what you want to be and what you are capable of doing. In India, if somehow we are able to make each kid realize and apply maths and science concepts in a technical manner we could most probably produce the best engineers all over the world.

Here are five reasons why our educational system lags behind:

  • Lack of revision of books edition and consideration of only marks not concept.
  • No experiments or entertaining activities which can make studies bit more interesting.
  • Application of maths and science in daily life.
  • In many schools only the teachers perform the experiment and kids act as spectators.
  • If you don’t understand the concept you are just supposed to mug it up, which is certain.pasted-image-at-2016_12_30-08_45-pm


So that’s a huge problem right? As the industry is growing we need engineers who not only have related knowledge but they should know how to make the most out of their knowledge. So now we have most precisely two choices to solve this huge problem.

#1 Blame government and all related institutions and brag them to make this happen.

#2 Find a alternate solution to make our kid an efficient and remarkable mini engineer from childhood onwards (Basic reason of successful education in Japan)

Looking above the first solution seems to take time as the government has to concern a lot from departments to departments regarding the new changes and it might even take decades to make things sorted out and possible. So let us focus on the second one, ok the concept is cool but synchronously how? Relax don’t worry leave it on us.

We at STEMCHAMP (SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS) train kids from the beginning onward to make their foundation of innovating things considerably strong and reliable. We provide kids the material and other required things to make their innovation alive. Remember our childhood when we used to say our school only focuses on rote learning and not on concepts which indirectly resulted in lack of proper approach towards a problem. You don’t want your kid to face the same situation right? So sit back and relax, we are here for proper guidance.

We provide:

#1 School

We join hands with schools and provide complete assistance through our in school makerspaces where kids prototype their imagination and help them to engineer new things. Our main goal is to provide technical and productive knowledge to each kid so that he can be the greatest of his kind ever born. 

#2 Organizations

We can organize and conduct several contests and exploring activities so that we could possibly incarnate out his talent and make him rise and shine in the coming future

#3 Clubs and Kit Makers

Our new DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit is coming soon. Stay in touch for more information

You can visit our curriculum page and educators page for more information.

Wish you a bright and innovative Year a head.