Kids are quick learners. The first few years of schooling would create a great influence on them. This is the age where they get to know about the fascinating world around them. This is the age where kids develop incredible social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Passion and curiosity for STEM fields created at this age could create a lifelong impact on them.

This is why several experts suggest giving a free hand to innovate and create things during early school days so that it could provide an incredible foundation to their personality, way of thinking and lays a solid path for a bright future. The learning that happens during this age should always align with the mindset of the kids. Learning should be intriguing, interesting and must give the kid a sense of his or her own abilities. It should boost the confidence and build a self-worth.


We, at stemchamp take a special interest in building a Curriculum which is a perfect blend of learning techniques that would foster the STEM skills and create an early impact on STEM education. We personally take care in building our course activities that perfectly aligns with what they learn at school. Our programs create enough space for kids to see the theory in work, understand the cause and action for selected topics in areas of STEM (science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We encourage critical thinking, challenge their minds through our “Makerspace”. Our specially developed learning kits foster their skills in programming, science, and technology through gaming.

The brain is more receptive to education when there is a fun factor associated with it. Our In-school and After-school programs aim in creating that fun in a great engaging environment, where we take care of all necessary ingredients to make STEM learning an unforgettable and fruitful experience. More STEM is possible with more Fun and innovative learning techniques and STEMCHAMP is right there in imparting STEM education in a right way.