It is undeniable fact that Making is an essential component in the process of human evolution. Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement date back to the earliest form of human activity. These are the instincts that basically separated human race from a lot of other species. The human brain is capable of great ideas, limitless creativity, and boundless imagination. It can do wonders if given proper support under right conditions.

Every individual is potentially capable of creating something based on his or her imagination. It is just that right kind of environment is to be created to drive their passion. For example, we often notice little kids creating something new using their toys or things they encounter. This is because their imagination is allowed to flow freely without any restrictions. This kind of free flow of thought process should be encouraged in kids during their early years in order to sustain their creativity, which would let them create wonders in the fields they chose. Subjects should be taught with a great emphasis on practical knowledge in an engaging and unrestricted environment. Then only, children will be able to learn things with a great focus that forms a strong foundation for their skills at an early age.


Unfortunately, the current education system has limited practical exposure. While kids have the potential to illuminate the world with new approaches and discoveries, they are strictly restricted to spending lot of time with their books. Education is just seen as a medium or channel to pass on information from teachers to students. Due to this prolonged emphasis on the theoretical aspect of education, most kids lose interest on subjects by the time they reach high school. This is something which essentially needs a revamp in the current generation.

Giving freedom to students and let them enjoy the contents of their books by allowing them to play, discover and experiment is the best way to introduce to STEM education to students. The interest and passion towards these fields viz. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can be created only by Hands-on learning. STEM Education is becoming the need of the hour and it is to be promoted in a right possible way. STEMCHAMP  aims to solve this problem by filling the gap in the Indian education system.


STEMCHAMP is an international STEM education improvement body that aims to fill this gap in the Indian education system. We offer hands-on learning through our exclusive programs that act as a STEM Makerspace, where students are introduced to inquiry-based learning. They are encouraged to pose their own questions and problem-solving through experimentation and play. We let students explore their limitless creativity by getting hands-on with our unique products and curriculum, thereby providing true “STEM” learning experience.

STEMCHAMP – This is not an experiment, it’s the future of education!