The whole world is witnessing a great Technological revolution. Wireless technologies to Internet of things (IOT), mobility and healthcare to virtual and augmented reality, we are going through rapid advancements in every field. Added to this, automation has been making our lives easier and less dependent on people.  In days to come, it is unarguable fact that Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) is going to make a livelihood for millions of people.

Indian Economy, driven by IT over the past two decades, is also going to witness a major shift owing to advancements in STEM. An US-based research firm is predicting that India’s IT services industry will lose close to 6.4 lakh (640,000) “low-skilled” jobs to automation in the next five years. The report also stated that 30% of routine, low-value positions are being phased out through automation over the next five years, far outweighing the expected new jobs being created in the medium-high skills area. Clearly, it is time to take a call and develop skills that have future prominence.

It’s the time to embrace STEM and focus on developing right skillset to face next industrial revolution. Developing Skill should be our focus and not the scale. We need to encourage our children to develop a passion towards science, technology and design from an early age since Innovation and creativity are going to be key drivers of Economy. Being a nation that has immense human resources, we have to take right advantage of the situation and embolden our future generations to receive right kind of education in a right way.

The idea of STEM education is to involve kids in creating something worthwhile with their basic knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Their creation could be a solution for millions of people in India. As a developing nation, India needs ideas. If we educate our kids to reach for the moon, they will find a way. The idea is to teach them about using their ‘textbook knowledge’ in a practical approach. Complete education requires a good blend of theory and practical. While theory is required to create a base, it is the practice that will allow the person to grow, think creative and develop an analytical mindset.

The goals of students should shift from getting the highest marks to finding the best solution for an existing problem. They will become more oriented towards doing something for the society, which will work indefinitely in favor of our nation. It is the time we take a call to encourage inquiry-based learning, encourage children to explore and pursue their passions. Every kid is capable of being a STEMCHAMP if the right amount of push is given at right time. Let’s strength our education and our Nation by embracing STEM.

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