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October 2016

More STEM, More fun through Innovative Learning techniques

Kids are quick learners. The first few years of schooling would create a great influence on them. This is the age where they get to know about the fascinating world around them. This is the age where kids develop incredible social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Passion and curiosity for STEM fields created at this age could create a lifelong impact on them.

This is why several experts suggest giving a free hand to innovate and create things during early school days so that it could provide an incredible foundation to their personality, way of thinking and lays a solid path for a bright future. The learning that happens during this age should always align with the mindset of the kids. Learning should be intriguing, interesting and must give the kid a sense of his or her own abilities. It should boost the confidence and build a self-worth.


We, at stemchamp take a special interest in building a Curriculum which is a perfect blend of learning techniques that would foster the STEM skills and create an early impact on STEM education. We personally take care in building our course activities that perfectly aligns with what they learn at school. Our programs create enough space for kids to see the theory in work, understand the cause and action for selected topics in areas of STEM (science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We encourage critical thinking, challenge their minds through our “Makerspace”. Our specially developed learning kits foster their skills in programming, science, and technology through gaming.

The brain is more receptive to education when there is a fun factor associated with it. Our In-school and After-school programs aim in creating that fun in a great engaging environment, where we take care of all necessary ingredients to make STEM learning an unforgettable and fruitful experience. More STEM is possible with more Fun and innovative learning techniques and STEMCHAMP is right there in imparting STEM education in a right way.

STEM and Maker Education in an Engaging environment

It is undeniable fact that Making is an essential component in the process of human evolution. Creativity, innovation and continuous improvement date back to the earliest form of human activity. These are the instincts that basically separated human race from a lot of other species. The human brain is capable of great ideas, limitless creativity, and boundless imagination. It can do wonders if given proper support under right conditions.

Every individual is potentially capable of creating something based on his or her imagination. It is just that right kind of environment is to be created to drive their passion. For example, we often notice little kids creating something new using their toys or things they encounter. This is because their imagination is allowed to flow freely without any restrictions. This kind of free flow of thought process should be encouraged in kids during their early years in order to sustain their creativity, which would let them create wonders in the fields they chose. Subjects should be taught with a great emphasis on practical knowledge in an engaging and unrestricted environment. Then only, children will be able to learn things with a great focus that forms a strong foundation for their skills at an early age.


Unfortunately, the current education system has limited practical exposure. While kids have the potential to illuminate the world with new approaches and discoveries, they are strictly restricted to spending lot of time with their books. Education is just seen as a medium or channel to pass on information from teachers to students. Due to this prolonged emphasis on the theoretical aspect of education, most kids lose interest on subjects by the time they reach high school. This is something which essentially needs a revamp in the current generation.

Giving freedom to students and let them enjoy the contents of their books by allowing them to play, discover and experiment is the best way to introduce to STEM education to students. The interest and passion towards these fields viz. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can be created only by Hands-on learning. STEM Education is becoming the need of the hour and it is to be promoted in a right possible way. STEMCHAMP  aims to solve this problem by filling the gap in the Indian education system.


STEMCHAMP is an international STEM education improvement body that aims to fill this gap in the Indian education system. We offer hands-on learning through our exclusive programs that act as a STEM Makerspace, where students are introduced to inquiry-based learning. They are encouraged to pose their own questions and problem-solving through experimentation and play. We let students explore their limitless creativity by getting hands-on with our unique products and curriculum, thereby providing true “STEM” learning experience.

STEMCHAMP – This is not an experiment, it’s the future of education!

Wake up! It’s Time to embrace STEM Education and STEM Skills

The whole world is witnessing a great Technological revolution. Wireless technologies to Internet of things (IOT), mobility and healthcare to virtual and augmented reality, we are going through rapid advancements in every field. Added to this, automation has been making our lives easier and less dependent on people.  In days to come, it is unarguable fact that Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) is going to make a livelihood for millions of people.

Indian Economy, driven by IT over the past two decades, is also going to witness a major shift owing to advancements in STEM. An US-based research firm is predicting that India’s IT services industry will lose close to 6.4 lakh (640,000) “low-skilled” jobs to automation in the next five years. The report also stated that 30% of routine, low-value positions are being phased out through automation over the next five years, far outweighing the expected new jobs being created in the medium-high skills area. Clearly, it is time to take a call and develop skills that have future prominence.

It’s the time to embrace STEM and focus on developing right skillset to face next industrial revolution. Developing Skill should be our focus and not the scale. We need to encourage our children to develop a passion towards science, technology and design from an early age since Innovation and creativity are going to be key drivers of Economy. Being a nation that has immense human resources, we have to take right advantage of the situation and embolden our future generations to receive right kind of education in a right way.

The idea of STEM education is to involve kids in creating something worthwhile with their basic knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Their creation could be a solution for millions of people in India. As a developing nation, India needs ideas. If we educate our kids to reach for the moon, they will find a way. The idea is to teach them about using their ‘textbook knowledge’ in a practical approach. Complete education requires a good blend of theory and practical. While theory is required to create a base, it is the practice that will allow the person to grow, think creative and develop an analytical mindset.

The goals of students should shift from getting the highest marks to finding the best solution for an existing problem. They will become more oriented towards doing something for the society, which will work indefinitely in favor of our nation. It is the time we take a call to encourage inquiry-based learning, encourage children to explore and pursue their passions. Every kid is capable of being a STEMCHAMP if the right amount of push is given at right time. Let’s strength our education and our Nation by embracing STEM.

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Taking STEM Education to Schools across India

The term “STEM Education” is being heard frequently nowadays in educational space. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is gaining popularity day by day owing to rapid advancements in these fields. Many studies confirmed that not only a majority of our future jobs would fall under this category but also many new jobs are going to be created in these fields. It is to be noted that STEM fields have equal effects on all other areas be it arts, humanities or any other field. In a world that is quickly evolving and inclined towards technology, STEM skills would be of great economic impact. At a crucial stage when Indian government is promoting initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India, digital India to encourage manufacturing, technology usage and skill development in the country, STEM is turning out to be an essential and integral component of our education.


However, when we look at the current Indian educational system, even from a very broad perspective, we clearly notice that we are far behind in adapting to the changes in global educational arena. Still today, a major emphasis on our school education system is learning through text book and in most cases, marks secured is the only criteria to assess the knowledge.  Critical thinking, inquiry based learning and hands-on learning is something which is far from implementation especially in a majority of K-12 educational institutions. Curiosity, innovation and thirst for knowledge towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in kids can be encouraged by an early exposure to hands-on learning and practical knowledge in a more engaging and fun to learn environment. Once a kid develops a passion for STEM fields, it smoothens the decision making process to choose a right field to pursue career. It will help to create great thinkers, innovators, engineers and scientists that our society and industry needs. As said earlier, it is needed for our future prosperity and to our nation in order to develop competitiveness and play a vital role in global economy.

STEMCHAMP, an educational start-up based out of Bangalore gears up to encourage STEM education in Indian Schools. Stem champ Provides highly effective STEM Education through its integrated curriculum materials and equipment that engage and create a passion towards stem fields viz. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All programs are result oriented, research and inquiry based and align perfectly with national and international standards. STEMCHAMP has its operations focused on cities Bangalore and Hyderabad but soon is heading to take its educational programs all over India.

STEMCHAMP’s in-school programs

stemchampResearch shows that children are natural explorers and active participants in their own development, and that they are surprisingly sophisticated thinkers. Through a series of conceptual hands-on lessons, teachers will guide students as they learn important STEM content and investigative skills. Each unit design fosters cooperative learning and critical thinking. Teachers facilitate teamwork as students actively discuss their findings, record data and assess their understanding. STEM Champ has the power to transform even hostile schools into places of inspiration; as a community where students are intrinsically motivated, can develop collaborative behavior and succeed academically.

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