Do you remember Jackie Chan? And American Dragon Jake? We loved how these guys could deal with any enemy in any form! It wasn’t just physical prowess that made them powerful but also their mental skills. Being a samurai or having ninja reflexes has a lot to do with training your minds. While you learn Ying and Yang of nature, you also learn to take control of your own surroundings. Becoming a ninja is a science in its own virtue and we at #STEM Champ love #Science, #Technology, #Engineering & #Mathematics! Introducing dojo STEM camps to help you learn the #secrets of survival.

Through the study of physics, students discover the ways of the ninja by mastering the world around them and discovering how objects react to real-world situations and how to pick the secrets of survival. Through engaging activities, topics including inertia, rotational momentum, mass, force, and direction are explored.

Historical lessons allow students to develop their own clans and create symbols using Kanji writing. Collaboration skills are enhanced as students travel through Feudal Japan and discover historical warfare and tactics used in the 15th century. Students leave this dojo as ninja warriors!

Audience: Age 6-8 [Grade 1-3]; Program includes: Worksheets and Takeaways.

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