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February 2016

Learn the #Secrets of Survival – #STEM Summer Camp Style!

Do you remember Jackie Chan? And American Dragon Jake? We loved how these guys could deal with any enemy in any form! It wasn’t just physical prowess that made them powerful but also their mental skills. Being a samurai or having ninja reflexes has a lot to do with training your minds. While you learn Ying and Yang of nature, you also learn to take control of your own surroundings. Becoming a ninja is a science in its own virtue and we at #STEM Champ love #Science, #Technology, #Engineering & #Mathematics! Introducing dojo STEM camps to help you learn the #secrets of survival.

Through the study of physics, students discover the ways of the ninja by mastering the world around them and discovering how objects react to real-world situations and how to pick the secrets of survival. Through engaging activities, topics including inertia, rotational momentum, mass, force, and direction are explored.

Historical lessons allow students to develop their own clans and create symbols using Kanji writing. Collaboration skills are enhanced as students travel through Feudal Japan and discover historical warfare and tactics used in the 15th century. Students leave this dojo as ninja warriors!

Audience: Age 6-8 [Grade 1-3]; Program includes: Worksheets and Takeaways.

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Engineering your Superhero – STEM Summer Camp Style!

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Have you ever wondered if there could be a real life Batman or Iron Man or for that matter Dexter! It always excites us here at STEM Champ, to think about them and how they came into being. Don’t you wonder about the origin of X-Men? While they were born with their powers, a lot of superheroes create their own superpower with the help of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. STEM is a great tool for those who know how to use it.

It’s true that many of the world’s famous superheroes modelled their identities after creatures with unique abilities and we all are fascinated with something or the other, Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to adapt the one quality or ability of the thing that fascinates you the most? If your answer is in affirmative then join us for the Summer Camps starting from April – May, 2016.

STEM Champ is introducing various themed vacation camps for young kids where they can learn STEM superhero style. This unique summer camp program is titled “Engineering a Superhero” which is specially designed for kids of age group 6 – 8.

Not only does this camp explore the science aspect of superpowers, but dives into what makes a true hero in the community. Students will define and discuss locomotion, physical properties of matter, and various kinds of environments where superheroes live, draw power and how they interact within an ecosystem; and deal with terminologies related to physical properties of matter and energy.

For all the parents / schools who would want their kids to discover the superhero in them, the STEM way, this is where you search ends. For details write to us at or call at (+91) 8880 700 900.

STEM Summer Camps, Bangalore – Get your wings!

Remember that kid who asked too many questions? Whose thirst for knowledge was unquenchable? Yes, the one who made the rest of the class look dumb so you hated him.

In our opinion, that is how a student should be. A student must always have a spark of curiosity to drive him into learning new things. But well it’s hard to be that kid in India. Not just because your friend would mock you for being inquisitive and different but also because in India, there is little attention paid to potential scientists and researchers. Curiosity is not a general trait. The education system doesn’t allow one to raise questions in India. It’s all about learning what’s been provided to the core and believing that whatever is being served on the platter is the universe. No thinking beyond.

Now preparing for IIT is like the voyage to find immortality in India. Parents appreciate it, teachers encourage it and peers envy it. However, this doesn’t ensure that the person can actually stand tall when it comes to practical implementation of what they are being taught. IITs are great but actual skills are developed at a much earlier stage of a child’s development. That is where STEM comes into picture. STEM Champ is introducing summer camps for kids to get hands on experience in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

What we are suggesting is, one can do two plus two on paper and get a great score, while the system totally ignores the talent of adding one plus one to solve a real life problem., i.e. people with great practical skills based on analytics find it relatively difficult to make a mark in our schools or colleges because there is more importance of marks and better recognition is given to the top percentiles as compared to appreciating the innovative thinkers & doers that why probably any practical exam contribution even in higher grades at schools is never more than 25% of the overall marks, isn’t it true!

Students with high potential shy away from opting for research as their field of expertise. They are scared that it wouldn’t pay off financially plus obviously ‘what would others think?’ plays a major role in this decision. While that is consistently depriving the country of young talent, another factor that puts our students in a puddle are criterions of getting the highest marks and meeting the minimum attendance requirements.

This is a concern that won’t bother students anymore because STEM Champ would give wings to their ideas and the summer camps 2016 would turn their boring vacation into an edutainment session! There would be games, rockets, theories and a lot of other fun stuff related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. For details, contact us at (+91) 8880 700 900.

Hands on experience in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM Champ

Meet the STEM Champs, Arun Kumar and Fhani Mantriraju who are trying to augment the importance of STEM education in India through their start-up, STEM Champ, which aims at improving the knowledge base of children in India by providing more opportunities for experimentation and an interesting environment to stimulate a child’s curiosity. One of their students, Arjun Parthsarthy has proved to be a child prodigy who successfully completed the ‘NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers’ programme. He was part of the course organised by STEM Champ. Media Mirror covered the story in their article. STEM Champ has also earned recognition in the HOT100 awards organised by CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence) and with KPMG as their knowledge partner. It felicitates innovative technology start-ups and winners for the 2015 edition of the Hot100 awards are selected from a pool of hundreds from across India. STEM Champ has also associated itself with Brand Accelerator (a Brand Capital / Times Group entity) in its venture to expand the knowledge base of youth.

STEM Champ provides a comprehensive approach towards learning, with renowned international program partners such as, NASA, NASCAR, Mad Science & Ten80 Education etc. Their relentless work in improving the way children perceive science and technology has helped them establish an elite and robust clientele, which include Intel, Texas Instruments, Luxor World School, GENESIS Global School, and Orchids International School etc.

The company offers to create awareness about STEM education and help the kids in developing skills in the fields of STEM. They have introduced the fun factor in learning by running various camps in multiple locations in Bangalore. One of the events was featured in News 9. Their Bangalore chapter procured a great and encouraging response from the children and their parents.

In the next step they will introduce their vacation camps in Bangalore and would cover multiple locations like Indiranagar, Koramangala, J P Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, and Banashankari with more than 10 summer camps across Bangalore in the month of April & May. They plan to offer several comprehensive programs to do the same. These programs will be of tremendous value for young students, teachers, and the nation. Details of these programs are scheduled to be out by the 2nd week of February, 2016.

The team at STEM Champ believes that, “STEM culture starts at a very young age when kids are curious and creative, and continues through one’s career.”

For details contact us at (+91) 8880 700 900 or mail at


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