We all love Tom and Jerry, don’t we? The best thing that we love about them are the ways in which they get back at each other. We love how their mind works. They keep coming up with something or the other and from what we know, they don’t even go to school!

We are not suggesting that we should not go to school and chase our friends around our house! We can’t, our parents won’t let us. But what we can do is to come up with amazing ideas like Tom and Jerry. There are certainly better examples of putting the point across but for some reason all the scientists in cartoons are portrayed as evil or crazy. They are either trying to kill or hurt someone. But that’s not at all what Science is about. Science is about creation and discovery, it’s about innovation. Another relevant example here is Phineas and Ferb, the two kids who keep designing new technology to deal with everyday problems. Remember, they once made their own amusement park? Haven’t watched the show yet? It’s a must watch! One of the favourites. It’s a lot like Dexter’s laboratory but with more colours and characters.

Talking about Dexter. Well who doesn’t love him? Remember growing up watching Mandark, Dexter and Deedee in a triangle. We are sure that we all wanted to have our own laboratory ever since we watched that show. If only schools could teach us how to be that smart. Well that is where STEM education comes in. We know…we know…it’s a new term. Let us help you out there.

STEM education is basically a way to teach young minds like yours to study subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in a practical manner, providing hands on experience such that instead of just libraries, we can create our own laboratories. Where we could learn to create our own magnetic trains & robots!

Sounds great right? Well that’s what we are all looking forward to. Now you can be your own scientist and maybe someday there will be cartoons and shows about you. What say?